Divine Provision of a New Job Before Resignation Notice Expires (Sister Opeyemi. D)

The Lord laid it on my heart in February 2015 to hand in my resignation letter in order to start another job in April 2015.

The Lord laid it on my heart in February 2015 to hand in my resignation letter in order to start another job in April 2015. I have had so many attacks and challenges at work and wondering at some point if I was running away from these challenges by resigning. During one of the challenges, I shared with my Pastor, I was expecting some advice/counsel, but he always responds by praying some warfare prayers. This was when I sense the issues were more than what I could see. I struggled for a while about the decision to resign as my financial responsibilities kept coming to mind. I obeyed after some struggle about the decision. Certain believers around me tried to discourage me, but I felt God is speaking and I had to hand in the resignation letter. I stopped talking to the people that discouraged me and continued trusting God for the new job.

This became clear when I heard Pastor Helen mentioned on the Prayer Line that some believers do not perceive what God is doing in you and will discourage you out of it. Hearing that statement, I carefully choose who I speak to about resigning with no job offer. Every time I apply to any institution, I am always invited for an interview. Within a certain week I had about 6 invitations to interview. I had to cancel some and asked for another day, but they never got back. Every time I go for an interview, I always hear a voice telling you will not get the job. I remember during one of the Prayer sessions online, Pastor Helen prophetically raised prayer points about people planning and preparing for interviews, and they already lost the interview before attending due to various demonic experiences. I started praying against this voice and every demonic attack.

I have heard interviews feedbacks like, your interview was excellent, you are a very strong candidate but I was never offered the job. Some feedbacks were negative. It became a thing of reproach in the current working environment, I couldn’t talk about it again, close colleagues stopped asking about the interview feedback, I don’t get paid for the days taken off for interviews. It was really becoming ridiculous, especially when the job was offered to junior colleagues. All these while, I kept attending the Prayer Line, trusting God and believing His Word. Little did I know, that God was dealing with various issues in my life while attending a failed interview. The Lord exposed the various issues in my life that were dealt with through the prophetic prayer points on the Prayer Line.

There were days on the Prayer Line that I knew God raised some Prayer Points for me, the Prayers were always timely for me. I shared these with Pastor Helen Earlier this week, I prayerfully told God this is my week. Then going on the Prayer Line on Monday, 23 March 2015, Pastor Helen prophetically declared the week as the “Week of Restoration”. I keyed into these immediately and kept praying for the Hand of God and for God to ignite His Fire in me. I even prayed that the Fire of God in me will bring peace and direction during the interview which God did. I went for another interview on Thursday 26th March 2015. While praying and preparing for the job, I heard God saying to me, this interview will be a “Walk Over” which meant “Easy Victory”. God gave me favor before all the people involved in the interview process. During one of the interview process, the main panel member left the room to call my Agency to send my references to them which has never happened in any interview. One of the people on the panel was quite impressed with me and really looking forward to working with me.

The Lord opened my eyes to see opportunities for me at the institution. I prayed afterwards that the Fire of God in me will destroy every ungodliness in the institution and transform the life of the people I will be working with. I must confess, the waiting period for me was very challenging as it felt like my experience on the job was challenged in various ways. Every time I speak to Pastor Helen, she always says don’t worry, the job is settled. I held on to the Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:20 “… Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper” I prayed like David, expressing the state of my heart to God and holding onto His Faithfulness. I will encourage everyone that when you feel God is giving you an instruction; obey it in spite of what the people around you say. The people interviewing me couldn’t understand why I resigned before getting another job, one of them said people don’t do this. In the end, I realized during the waiting time and during the days of failed interviews, God was exposing some issues in me and dealing with them.

I am Grateful to God for His faithfulness, for new beginnings. Proverbs 4:18 AMP “But the path of the [uncompromisingly] just and righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines more and more (brighter and clearer) until [it reaches its full strength and glory in] the perfect day [to be prepared].” I know for sure based on this Scripture that my path, my life, ministry, career etc. will continue to shine more and more, brighter and clearer until it reaches its full strength and glory in God The Lord will restore everything I have lost. Praise God! I am glad my situation brought me to the Prayer Line, I pray The Lord will continue to strengthen the Ministry in every way.


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