Testimony Of New Job & God’s Intervention (Bunmi A)

I have been blessed through this ministry and because of time , I can’t mention all the answers I have received.

I have been blessed through this ministry and because of time , I can’t mention all the answers I have received. Here are some of my testimonies from when I started coming onto the prayer line:

1) we were going to be evicted on 26th April, losing the house and all the money we have been paying for the last 15 years . I had sent a text to Pastor Helen just to say please pray along with me regarding mortgage arrears. She phoned me , advised me on steps to take, the Holy Spirit directed me to a website where I got info on what to write to the lenders as well as what to give the judge in court. I sent the letter to the lenders , to the glory of God the eviction was cancelled .

2) I had sat for an exam this March. This paper i had already failed last year at a time I didn’t have all that stress of the challenges of the eviction . I knew 2 questions out of the 4 very well, the other 2 I scrapped info together cos I couldn’t answer them properly .God gave me favour , I passed the exam .

3) I wanted to put the house up for sale so we could buy another property and move . 10 viewings on the early May bank holiday , no offers. In fact some were saying the price should be 60k less while others said it be should 40k less but they made no offer . I had spoken to the estate agent to drop the price by 20k when one of those viewers came with an offer of 18k less than my guide price. That was God.

4) I had been toying with the idea of leaving my job and looking for a new role in the interim market for over a year but just couldn’t bring myself to take the leap of faith. I hid behind the excuse ‘ I was praying and waiting for God’s direction ‘ but guess what . I heard nothing all that time , maybe because I already had the discernment on what to do but just couldn’t do it for fear of the Unknown . I was waiting for neon lights and some supernatural event . I started actively joining the prayer line in Oct after being introduced to it by a friend in July last year. Speaking to Pastor Helen in Feb I mentioned I was thinking of going interim . Immediately she said hand in your notice you will get another job. Hmmmm, hand it in just like that !! Thought to myself . Too many financial commitments . I dragged my feet though I mentioned it informally to my boss . Anyway the decision was taken out of my hands , like the eagle pushes the eaglet out of the nest to teach them to fly. My boss came back from holiday and gave my director heads up about my intention of leaving so he would be aware the need to recruit would be arising soon . I had no choice then but to hand in my resignation in March. 2 months notice period ended , I still had no job offers and people at work were asking where are you going ? So what role are you taking up ? I generally only told them about the plan I had for my own business venture and nothing else . Agents were calling , cv sent over and over , no interviews , only informal discussions and then going to the agencies to physically register with them. Did one interview , heard nothing back , did another telephone interview and then was invited for a proper interview . Meanwhile I had an exam to sit in May. Prepping for interviews meant less time revising .
One Monday Pastor Helen sent a text to a couple of us to come onto the line at midday and pray for divine career opportunities . When we finished at 2.30pm she said the manifestation would start even before we came back for the second session at 6pm. I got the call with a job offer at 4pm. To God be all the glory forever and ever and ever.

5) On the new job i pray as I go to work for the Holy Spirit’s guidance , wisdom and knowledge . One of my colleagues was going on 3 weeks study leave , she had a lot to finish off before leaving . She had sent an email to a client and myself that she had published a tender notice and I should look out for the confirmation and tender reference number that would be sent from the tender notice board so I could then make the documents available on our website as by the procurement regulations we can’t publish an opportunity over a certain value unless certain events had taken place. There is also a strict timetable to follow when doing one of these notices. I kept checking for the confirmation but none came through . Usually it takes 2-4 working days . The client too had phoned , I explained the process, and by this time my colleague had gone on leave, sending an email to confirm it had been published that Wednesday. After not receiving any confirmation on Friday by divine inspiration I went into the account from where the notice should have been published and it was then I saw that it had been completed but not published . In the busyness of her last day an oversight had occurred and my colleague had forgotten to publish it . I did a review of the notice and published it immediately . That was the 27th. Notices of that sort need to be out for 30 days and the availability of the evaluating panel had already been secured for a certain period because people were going to be on holiday straight afterwards. I thank God that the Holy Spirit directed me to check on that day or else I would not have been able to until after the long bank holiday weekend and that would certainly have caused a lot of problems . All glory to God.


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