Engaging the Right Word


“The word of the Lord is right, and all His works are done in truth”, creation depicts the exactitude, the accuracy and showcases the integrity of God’s word. God’s divine word finds its expression in the things that are visible, which were products of God’s spoken word.   For all things were created by God’s spoken word, including you and I and there was nothing created that is visible without Gods Word.  So untold possibilities remain a secret and would be unachievable until the right word of God is located as a revealed word of God for the required possibilities desired by man. For it is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings to search out the matter. Until the hidden secret of God’s word is unraveled, natural man is denied of its benefit and the force of its fulfilment that is expressed in supernatural exploits and untold possibilities. Psa 33:3, Gen 1, Joh 1, Prov 25:2, Den 29:29

God’s word is the engine ignited by the fuel of the Holy Ghost to produce supernatural exploits.  The able bodies- smart and intelligent men remained captives in Babylon, until Daniel located and understood by the books, the prophetic word spoken through prophet Jeremiah that the seventy years decreed period of Israelites captivity in Babylon has expired. Daniel searched through the concealed records as he brought God into remembrance of His word through prayer, fasting, in confession and repentance of sin.  He gained understanding of the mystery behind why they were still in captivity and their land remains desolate.  It thus confirm that the untold possibility of becoming free from all captivity, spiritual, physical, material, financial, joblessness, sickness, marital failures etc clearly depends on the believer’s ability to locate the right word of God and do spiritual warfare with it, for no acts of God is visible without the active, revealed word of God.    Jer 25:11-12, Jer 29:10, Dan 9:2

Ignorance of the revealed word of God is a killer of destiny and a preventer of access to the divine riches of untold possibilities. Beloved, having the revealed knowledge of God’s word carries with it power that terminates shame and brings untold possibilities of divine honour.  Every one like to be honoured and propelled to a position of honour; but God’s act of divine honour only has expression once the right word is located.  Paul admonished Timothy to study to show himself approved of God as a workman that does not need to be ashamed but rightly divides the word of truth.   David cried out for divine insight to behold wondrous things from God’s law, having understood that it takes divine revelation of God’s word to defeat his enemies.  Through divine revelation, he brought down the head of Goliath; he was promoted from a shepherd boy to the king’s armour bearer and later became a king of Israel.  He accomplished untold possibilities that have never been attained in the history and generation of his fathers.  Even though Gods’ word makes wise the simple, but it must be sought after, thought through, meditated upon, for in it lies the power for untold possibilities in success, greatness, profit and divine prosperity and wholeness.  There is no short cut, the time to search through the word and engage the right word of God is now. 2 Tim 2:15, Psa 119:18.


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