Is Your Pain Bigger Than His Purpose?


Despise not the days of little beginnings. Your glorious end is already formed by the hand of the one who formed the world by His Word, (Jer 1:5, Heb 11:3) and concluded by the unchanging God whose unchanging purpose for your life cannot be obstructed or stopped (Jer 29:11, Job 42:2). It was already concluded and established as it was spoken (Psalm 33:9).  Hence, those who love and serve a great God cannot be ‘great-less’.

Every great tomorrow is embedded in the not so great today, just as a jewel is embedded in the gold that looks like an ordinary stone to the naked eye, undesired because its value and worth and wealth is only known to and can only be revealed by fire engaged through the hand of the great Jeweler, who is God.   To Him belongs the power to melt her, mold her, configure and shape her to the perfect jewel it was meant to be according to the destiny agenda.  Those who submit themselves to the Jeweler’s fire not only have the dross and its floss removed but her jewel polished to a fine shine, so that it becomes presentable, displayable, and desirable.  Yet the Jewel was in the gold all along (Malachi 3:17-18), as the fruit was in the seed (Gen 1:29). Joseph’s dream remained intact in the heart of the dreamer, the process and negative experiences in the hand of his mockers, haters, seducers and polluters plotting against his dream notwithstanding. His bow remained strong in the hand of the mighty God of Jacob, the giver of all dreams, whose vision is to be Joseph’s mission.   Joseph had a sure word from God about His tomorrow today that could never fail from its performance.  Gen 49:22-26

His eyes were single, his heart was fixed trusting the Lord. He chose pain and prison at the expense of gaining temporary pleasure that could work ill against the eternal treasure.  He was envisioned by the Divine Vision of God for his life, he remained loyal, faithful, committed to the divine purpose and to the Divine God who sees in secret and showcase His reward openly to those who honour Him above their momentary pleasure and expire-able trouble (2 Corinthians 4:18).  He increased in worth, in character, discovered divine skills, had the right attitude that opened him up to divine wisdom required to succeed where the powerful and the mighty had failed.  While men and circumstances announced his breakdown, God proclaimed his making moment at the expense of what looked like an ugly season of life.

The prison could no longer hold him down, It was only a matter of time, His word came that terminated his test, proved wrong his mockers, the King sent for him, the door to greatness in the palace was opened to Him, such that the great God was made great in him and through him to save lives.  Joseph discerned that God’s purpose was bigger than his pain, so he understood the purpose of his suffering, and his temporary affliction worked in him for an exceeding great glory.  (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).  The grace of God was with him (1 Cor 15:9-10) and sufficient for him (2 Cor 12:9), he withstood the storm without sinking, walked through the darkness unafraid, what the enemy meant for evil was overturned in his favour, for embedded in the dreamer’s dream was Gods divine arrangement to save lives, solve national problems, interpret the dream of kings where the knowledge and the wisdom of the world failed.  He engaged the divine wisdom that works; he became a change agent of God to His brethren, extended mercy to those who once hated his dream but were unable to prevent his dream from speaking and pardoned those who plotted to waste his life.  He knew he was kept by grace, his disposition of mercy brought the undeserved men into favour in a strange land to be treated as kings and princes where they least expected.   Joseph modeled Christ to his generation…endured the pain, despised the shame without discouragement or despair (Heb 12:1-3).  So can you, for the vision is for an appointed time, at the time appointed it will speak and not lie, it will happen to time, on time and will not be late… (Hab 2:3).  Actively wait for the expression of His purpose for your life at the expense of temporary pain. Let God work in you, on you so that He can work with you and through you giving expression to His purpose in your life. (Phi 2:13-14, 1:6).

Consider this:

  • Get connected to God through Christ for all things needed for now and eternity have been made available for you through him (2 Pet 1:3-4
  • Do not choose based on physical appearance, good, bad or ugly. Be guided by the word of God (Psalm 119:105)
  • Let the word of God dwell richly in your heart, to instruct you, propel you to think divine thoughts and conceive His divine plan and purpose for your life today and forever (Colossians 3:16-17)
  • Look at your temporary challenges in the light of the greatness of your God; don’t be bitter so that you can be better. Thou shall not be silent, decree divine decrees (Job 22:28), speak to your mountain with a heart of faith; from the eyes that sees the end from the beginning, it shall surely become a plain. God is waiting to hear your voice, you cannot be denied but for surely, He will attend to your CRY and give you a change of story. (2 Corinthians 4:17, Mark 11:22-26, Psalm 34:17)
  • His purpose is much bigger than your temporary pain Beloved. It’s not about you, take the focus off yourself; stand for other brethren, work for the peace of your community and nation and give room for the Prince of Peace to rule and reign in your life. Joseph was mindful of the butler and the baker, in the process of extending grace to others, discovered grace gifts that ushered him into the palace.  It was only a divine set-up to solve the problem of the butler in the prison. He paid attention to what others could have looked away from in their pain and gained an imprint in the heart of the butler that will soon announce and recommend him to be sought after in the prison and be ushered to the palace, from his pressure point to the purpose platform and engaged in pleasurable and enduring work (Genesis 41:9-57).  Job prayed for his friends and the Lord heard him.  He rose from his misery miraculously into greatness; his rod budded again, he became the story of good and great restoration that his read by his enemies and friends alike, for he made history having risen from the grass by God’s grace to have a glorious ending, Hallelujah!  His later end became better than his beginning and for his shame He had double honour.
  • I am persuaded of better things concerning you today for God’s good and great plan for your life cannot be stopped, get yourself prepared, and reposition yourself. God’s divine vision for your life shall surely speak, it cannot lie. Your wait is over, your call is coming, and your good news is here! The world is waiting for you to manifest according to the glorious dream of God’s purpose for your life, He is in you, and will yet be seen through you. (Rom 8:14-23).
  • Beloved, look pass your pain, don’t stay down, arise, see the end of your faith, your expectation shall not be cut off, your rod shall bud again, and creation is waiting for your manifestation. Though you, the earth shall yet see the emergence of a new generation that God can call His own, it’s a new day! (1 Cor 2:6-10) …REJOICE FOR EVERMORE, THE LORD IS NEAR (Phil 4:4-5).

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