The Pursuit of Great & Precious Promises

It is obvious that most people regardless of their professional and political background, spiritual, social and economic status, their national classification or geographical location; invest time, effort, training, money and […]

Recovery Seasons

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Some observe time and season but are yet to discover or acknowledge the creator of […]

Engaging the force of Life

The trained armies of Israel, their noble men and their king were intimidated by the power that seemed mightier than them. The overwhelming voice of their adversary that was heard […]

Engaging the Right Word


“The word of the Lord is right, and all His works are done in truth”, creation depicts the exactitude, the accuracy and showcases the integrity of God’s word. God’s divine […]

Achieving Untold Possibilities

Achieving untold possibilities as an outflow of supernatural exploits is a desire of every believer. It is needful in the church of Jesus Christ in order to accomplish the great […]

It’s not working, Stop patching it!

Stop Sign on a School Bus

His parents were religious, and he was raised in the church, went to church with the crowd but never knows or acknowledges the God of the church.  He is well […]

Turn the Light On

Life issues most often than not seem to his victims while undergoing the same as unique, believe or  thought it had never happen before, and they assumed that they were […]

Don’t grab it! Its’ a Touch Not

Passing through the mini grocery store, it is so obvious through the shop window, many turn the other eye but walking into the mall it is well placed towards the […]

Join the Service Lane

The journey to exceeding greatness with achieving untold possibilities, obtaining immeasurable success and results, deriving unimaginable profits and indescribable victories in varied area of human endeavors’, from the home front […]

Enduring or Enjoying It

Smiling young African woman enjoying coffee in a cafe

Cutting across many spectrum of today’s global village and her relative issues, misconception and many challenges from the home front to the market place and schools; issues with anti-social behaviours […]