Freed To Serve

Pastor Helen Ajimati

Good news: The siege is over, the sanction is lifted! You are eternally free to serve and worship God, living life at His best by the revealed word. Gaining spiritual […]

A Wake Up Call!

Our redemption has been accomplished in and through Christ.  Eph 1:7. For  “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His […]

Are You Tired, Worn Out or Burned Out

Every product starts off as an idea in somebody’s mind, so true and so real that the dreamer could see his idea becoming a packaged product, with capabilities and functionalities […]

Do You Truly Know Your Friend?

The woman’s womb is designed and configured by God for every child delivery one at a time. Similarly, the womb that carries identical or non-identical twins whose journey into life […]

This One Thing Lord

Here she appeared in the middle of the only life manual there is; in the season while the prophets rush to tell us her story. She started well; connected in […]

Do not turn Blind Eyes

His father sowed the seed of rape and murder, covered it assuming it was hidden from all but unaware that it was not hidden from God for he who concealed […]

From Followership to Leadership

Young leader

The place at the top is a desire of all men, but not all men journeyed to be top. Many desired to be served but not many have the desire […]

Its’ Not Over Until You Arise

At a point in time, in the life time of every man there is an issue that needs to be addressed or prevailed over, regardless of man’s position in the […]