The Prevailers’ Apostolic Centre (TPAC) purposely designed by God for strategic warfare. Join us to build The Prevailers Apostolic Centre (TPAC) to actualise this intent of the father.


 The TPAC building situated at Unit F, Maritime House, Ocean Drive (Block H/J), Gillingham, Kent ME7 1AF  is our platform of operation for discipleship, ministry, missions and operational services where we extend the love of Jesus to all men through varied community projects and the teaching and preaching of God’s word .

An operational center purposely designed by God for strategic warfare where men are trained and equipped to be militant in spiritual warfare, loving, giving and reaching out for Jesus. Harnessing and utilizing spiritual and earthly resources to establish the purpose of His kingdom.

As the saying is true, the most high dwells not in temple made with human hands, but a worship place or centre is needed to gather His harvest (people) and get them trained, equipped and activated to facilitate heaven’s agenda of making them (the believers) an expression of His glory on earth.

The Prevailers Church Network (PCN) invites you to support us in bringing to reality the TPAC building project.

Budget: £320,000.00

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