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Serving God by serving others.


PCN, commits to the great commission according to (Mark 16:15) – “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. As a result, our members will be equipped with the Biblical truth that will enable them to share the gospel with their families, neighbours and in the community. Everyone must reach at least one unsaved soul in a month starting from our little ‘Oikos’ to our community and world.

PCN, will use both our internal & external Christian resources to conduct ‘training the trainers program’ in order to develop mentors for our young people in the church and our community.

This program will be extended to our neighbouring churches by the grace of God.

PCN will launch CHURCH IN THE HOUSE to enable our members to extend the message of the cross to their neighbors by inviting them to share the gospel over coffee or barbecue during the summer holidays. 

PCN will launch a support outreach to Old people’s homes and Hospices in our community, using our members with related calling, gifting and professional skills to serve the purpose of God in our communities.

We firmly believe that God will walk with us to save and deliver the oppressed as well as heal the sick in the hospices as we extend the love of Jesus to old people and people with terminal diseases

Our radio programs were launched in 2013 in addition to our prayer conference and online services as we use the media to propagate the message of the cross.

PCN, will liaise with the authorities to launch a Young Adult Hostel for girls and rehabilitation centre for young offenders after their release from prison, leading them through the message of the cross to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and our act of generosity, providing mentorship and support that will aid the discovery of their God given purpose and facilitate their integration back into the society.

We firmly believe that PCN,will provide young adults with employment opportunities, post rehabilitation and make recommendations to churches and organizations to support their re-integration into the society.

PCN will provide school scholarships to the young people who pass through our rehabilitation centre, young people from single parent’s family, fatherless and motherless young adults by the grace of God.

PCN, We believe that there will be an increase in miracles, signs and wonders in our services, through our International & local Church, Prayer conference line, national prayer summit, social network platforms, our Radio and Television programs.

As Prevailers Church Network is renowned for its word ministry, so will it be for its healing and deliverance ministry. Strategies will be put in place to launch church planting initiative in other parts of the UK, Europe, USA, CANADA & AFRICA as the Lord leads and enables us to do so in His time. 

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